We are an independent spin-off company by Immundiagnostik AG. We work on shaping the future of diagnostics and act as consultancy for digital transformation, software engineering & infrastructure. We deliver end-to-end solutions.

What we do

We are not shying away from realising complex solutions but are also not limited to do the heavy lifting. We are very open to bring in startup spirit, innovational strength and design thinking to help our partners to be even more successful and ahead of the curve. We consult our partners regarding digital transformation and help them to pave the way for success in the future.

Our Vision

Liftric is both the enabler and the driving force behind most of the recent innovations within our partners. We are not limited to the field of healthcare although we demonstrated huge successes by combining traditional diagnostics with modern technology and bringing the power of common rapid tests on your smartphone right at your fingertips. We create next-level medical apps for patients all around the world and empower them to take care of their health autonomously.
Shaping the future of diagnostics by bringing the lab to a smartphone can be seen as digital transformation of a classical rapid test manufacturer. Having the possibility of accessing a diagnostic tool on-premise and on-demand is not only limited to the patients as it enables the employees of the manufacturer to think more outside the box by holding pure innovations in their hands.

Our Team


Thorsten Knöller

$mobile $computer vision

Ben John

$mobile $computer vision

Marcel Kesselring

$infrastructure $terraform $devops


Thomas Kawiecki

$full-stack $angular $spring

Marc Alexander Voigt

$backend $spring $kotlin

Selin Cukurlu

$web $angular

Laura Hailer

$ui/ux $web

Dr. Jakob Huber

$data science $ai

Jan Gaebel


Andreas Runk


Simon Stöckl